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Getting married.My name is Daniel Westergren. I’m married to a beautiful wife from northern Kenya and we have a son, who at the time of writing this is approaching two years.

The reason I started this blog is to share resources about the Samburu language and my personal journey learning it. My wife is a Samburu-speaking Rendille, which is my reason to learning the Samburu language.

I have been 15 times in Kenya since 1999, the first time in northern Kenya was in December 2000. Since that time I’ve had a great fascination for this beautiful place and its people. It’s a harsh and tough environment, not the least for someone with difficulties coping with heat like me. But the hospitality and the way people look at life is something that makes me appreciate life even more. The culture and daily life gives me a certain peace of mind. I wish more people to experience the wonderful Samburu and Rendille people of northern Kenya.

Feel free to comment or contact me! I’d love to share more about learning languages, particularly languages for which not many resources can be found. I’ll try to share what I find about learning Samburu.

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