Online resources about the Samburu language

Not much is available online at this moment. There is a Maa-English dictionary, which is mostly referring to the related Maasai language (southern Maa), but also has references to Samburu (northern Maa).

The dictionary was compiled by Doris L. Payne and Leonard Ole-Kotikash, as part of the Maa Language Project.

At the moment, a course for learning Samburu is developed for Glossika. Glossika isĀ language training by sentences, that helps greatly with speaking, listening and pronunciation. Grammar, vocabulary and syntax is learnt “automatically”. Please contact me if you are interested to know more about this!

An Glossika introductory course is also planned for later, as well as something more specific for the Samburu context.

More resources about the Samburu language will be published here later on.

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